• Middle Mediation provides a cost effective
    means for resolving business disputes including
    ownership/partnership, vendor/supplier,
    consumer, contract disputes and negotiation,
    business mergers, and construction. We help
    the involved parties retain control of the
    outcome instead of leaving the results in the
    hands of a judge or jury. Middle Mediation
    provides an opportunity to make business
    decisions and reach a solution tailored to the
    particular situation. Unlike costly and often
    lengthy litigation, mediation can preserve
    business relationships, maintain confidentiality,
    and help each party shape agreeable results.

  • Mediation is often the most inexpensive and
    productive solution for families struggling with
    difficult issues. Middle Mediation works with
    families to find the most peaceful resolutions
    possible to Family Law issues including divorce,
    asset division, spousal and child support, and
    child custody issues, as well as disputes in
    family owned businesses, issues surrounding
    estate division, and elder care issues. Middle
    Mediation allows families facing these issues an
    affordable opportunity to preserve relationships,
    save assets, and avoid the costs and emotional
    toll of the courtroom.